Hans Christian Andersen's House, Odense.

Lecture on Danish Culture

I invite foreigners on a guided tour of Danish cultural history. It takes us from rural areas, through provincial towns to the capital Copenhagen. The language is English.

The starting point is my own life experience as a cultural worker. The focus is on culture as building stones of democracy and the welfare state.

I tell stories about the Viking Monuments in Jelling, Samsø Energy Academy, the folk high school Brogården, the centre of art and culture Brandts, the Danish Broadcasting Cooperation, the National Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the Ministry of Culture and other sights. I may also touch on the life and work of the poet Hans Christian Andersen.

The stories assemble and become a narrative about Danish traditions of popular culture, high culture and cultural politics. Visionary culture can help us find ways out of the corona crisis and through the climate crisis.

Our means of transport is an air balloon, and we fly over the farmers' culture of the 1800s, the industrial culture of the 1900s towards an unknown future.

a bowl of bananasOur means of transport.

"Lars Høbye har been lecturing about Danish culture for our Chinese students from all over China. It has always been a success with students learning about Danish cultural history, elite- and popular culture. He has a tremendous overview of Danish cultural history and he is able to motivate and engage the students. He has been able to establish relations with many Chinese students whom he had met afterwards because they wanted to know even more about Danish culture. I can recommend him as a brilliant lecturer and facilitator of Danish culture and history."
Principal Mogens Godballe, Nordfyns Højskole

Time & technology

With a break and time for dialogue the lecture lasts two hours. Tailored versions for groups of specific or mixed nationalities can be arranged.

The stories are accompanied by my own photos. We talk about the technology for pictures and sound beforehand.

I am available for further information. See We tell.

a bowl of bananas The lecture was originally made for Chinese students at H.C. Andersen International Kindergarten College, Nordfyns Højskole.

a bowl of bananas The lecturer.