Colosseum in Rome.

Italy’s Great Beauty

Hanne has spent skiing holidays in the Dolomites as a child and young person, and we have visited Rome together. In May and June 2022, we circled the boot going south from Milan along the west coast to Sicily and north along the east coast to Venice. On the way, we got impressions of Italy's charming culture, nature and people.

We had meals made from tasty produce, visited World Heritage sites, experienced the aftermath of the corona crisis, met reactions to the war in Ukraine, spoke with native Italians and African immigrants, got insight into Italian politics and felt climate change first-hand. The impressions turned into images of a young nation with a long history, which has left beautiful traces.

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Laura, Antonella and Hanne in Bergamo.
Greek temple ruins in Agrigento.
The Biennale in Venice.

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